elearning that
engages learners

We create online courses for a world that needs to know more.





Explainer videos and video stories inspire curiosity and motivate learning.

Video is powerful; it reaches learners through voice, text, images, and animations. This ICAD video clip features Professor Cathy Enz discussing revenue management.

Knowledge-check questions and module-level quizzes allow learners to gauge their understanding and reflect on new ideas.

We create multiple choice questions, matching exercises, and fill-in-the-blank questions for each lesson. In addition, we encourage learners to work on more complex exercises in a learning journal.

A set of simple multiple choice questions can build engagement and enhance learning.

Interactive Multimedia
Interactive activities and games build skills and support retention of new concepts.

We create interactives that add dimension to the learning experience and bring new ideas to life.

A Storyline presentation introduces a scenario that motivates exploration of the course content.

Downloadable resources and job aids help learners dig deeper and take their learning further.

We keep course content concise and focused, providing additional material as optional resources. Job aids help learners turn new information into action.

Editable PDFs, article links, and checklists add value to the learning experience.

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